View to a kill | BPW #39

After having a Sunday lunch at the Posthuys on Vlieland, we decided to start walking back to the village. The bus wasn’t due for another hour and a half and it’s only about 8 kilometres. It was low tide, so we were able to walk on the Wadden dike without disturbing the Common Eiders. The ducks rest there during high tide.

I packed my camera in my backpack, because carrying the big lens in my arms was going to be too heavy on an 8 K hike. After walking for about half an hour we saw the first crèche of Common Eiders. Just as we stopped to look at the ducks, a Herring gull flew over, swooped down and snatched up a little duckling before our eyes. I grabbed my camera!

A Jackdaw intermediately started to mob the gull hoping it would drop the duckling, which it promptly did. The Herring gull however managed to get it back first. And swallowed it. Cute feet and all.

Herring gull with Eider duckling


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  1. So as nature goes! Nice photo!Here in Maine, the female Eiders herd all the young into a circle of adults to protect them from Gulls and Eagles. Doesn't work everytime.


  2. Nice capture Gwen. We photographers have an advantage I think when we are always looking for moments to capture. I imagine, like me, you are always carrying your camera. Nature is truly amazing, is it not?


  3. Very interesting observations. The surprising thing to me is how many chicks actually evade the predators and finally become adults!


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