Coffee sunset | Skywatch 55

Sunset at the Dunes de Sainte Marguerite

We had a lovely, but short holiday in France this year. We camped at the Dunes of St Marguerite, an area between the L’Aber Benoit and l’Aber Wrac’h in Finistère. Finistère or Penn-ar-Bed in Breton is located in Brittany (Breizh in Breton and Bretagne in French). At low tide we would walk to the rocks and islands there.

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  1. Hoi Gwen, ik zit hier met een lekkere kop koffie naar jouw Franse koffie zonsondergang te kijken. Niet gek, helemaal niet gek 🙂
    Groetjes vanuit Friesland.


  2. Lovely shot, Gwen. I've always wanted to go 'waddenlopen' 😉 but didn't get the chance.


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