International Vulture Awareness Day 2009

Silhouette (by gwendolen)


The Birds of Prey Working Group of EWT in South Africa and the Hawk Conservancy Trust in England are proud to host the first International Vulture Awareness Day. Organisations in Africa, Europe, the Americas and South-Asia are celebrating this day with a variety of events worldwide.

Vulture Awareness Day aims to create greater awareness of vultures and to highlight the important work done by the world’s vulture conservationists. Each participating organisation will organise activities that highlight vulture conservation and awareness.

Have a look at the Virtual Event site to see how you can support IVAD09.


for more cool bird pix around the world

iatbbadge IATB (by gwendolen)


  1. Cool shot of the vultures in their typical pose on a snag Gwen. Are those Griffon Vultures?I hope everyone will go to the IVAD site and sign up. I did. Maybe we can organize our own “Vulture Blog” day for September 5th? What do you think?


  2. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. A great BPW post! I have to wonder, though, why more countries/regions did not get involved (i.e I don't see the U.S. or Canada listed)?


  3. Sounds like a good idea to me Gwen. I don't know how to do the Mr Linky thing but if you do one, I'm in! We have an Audubon board meeting this week and I am going to try to get our Audubon Society involved also.


  4. Lovely silhouette shots of the vultures, Gwen. Vultures usually turn off a lot of people because of their looks and eating habits, but they are am important part of the ecology. Thanks for bringing this up!


  5. That's a really cool photo… definitely need to post it for Halloween! I love vultures. They have such a unique look and an important job. We mostly get Turkey Vultures where I live, but I've seen a Black Vulture every now and then.


  6. The Birds of Prey Working Group of EWT in South Africa and the Hawk Conservancy Trust in England are doing a great job.Im very excited about the celebrations of this day in my Department,University of Lucknow,India.This is something w should have done 15 years back….but its better late than neverGood Luck to all Vulture Lovers 🙂


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