Lady M

Lady M, originally uploaded by gwendolen.

Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) is the ancestor of almost all varieties of domestic ducks. The mallard is a dabbling duck; it feeds mainly at the surface rather than by diving. They are strong fliers and walk well on land.

Puddle ducks spring straight up from the water when spooked. Diving ducks need to gain momentum to take off, so they must run across the water a short distance to gain flight.


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  1. Beautiful shot of the female mallard. I love the contrast between the duck's feathers and the mirror-like smoothness of the water.


  2. Very nice photo of the duck. Mallards must be all over the world. Out here they can take over from some of our wild varieties – not good of course.


  3. Nice capture of the female Mallard Gwen! I think the patterns of some of our female ducks are even more beautiful than the more colorful males.


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