Rüppells Griffon Vulture

Rüppells Griffon Vulture, originally uploaded by gwendolen.

I visited Birdpark Avifauna today. They have an interesting collection of birds, but I feel they do need to upgrade the park and give the birds more space.

The Rüppells Griffon Vulture is a large vulture, almost about a meter high. There was quite a large group of Griffon vultures in the cage. They are very social animals. They live in central Africa and nest on cliffs in colonies of up to 1,000 pairs.

This post was made for Bird Photography Weekly. It’s the 53rd edition today. Happy Birthday BWP!


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  1. Gwen, this photo is worthy of a National Geographic cover! The feather detail is excellent and the pose, priceless. I have not forgotten IVAD this Saturday. I will probably use it as my BFW post too. A virtual Vulturathon 😉


  2. Oh my goodness……this is a spectacular photo. So crisp and such an interesting pose. I really like it. The feather definition is incredible.


  3. I'm with the other commenters — a marvellous photo, Gwendolen. Let's hope that events like IVAD09 raise enough awareness of the plight of vultures to reduce some of the risks to their continued survival. Thanks :^)


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