We’re all waiting for Spring

black-headed gulls
Black-headed gulls in various stages of black-headedness

It’s too grey, wet and windy today, so I’m using a photo I took last week for BPW #81. Nothing much has changed season-wise. Temperatures have been around  7°C the last few days and it’s still freezing lightly at night.

Will this winter ever end?
[dramatic cliffhanger music]


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  1. Great shots of the different stages of the Black-headed Gulls Gwen and I love the caption 😉 black-headedness indeed!Spring is coming for you, I can feel it.


  2. Once again, I gladly send you about 5-10C, the wind we have too. Nasty :(The birdies look like they are def. ready for Spring too 😉


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