house sparrow
House Sparrow (Passer domesticus)

It was World House Sparrow Day yesterday, so I’m dedicating this week’s BPW to the House Sparrow. We used to have so many of these very social and gregarious little birds. House Sparrows are well adapted to living around humans. The Latin word domesticus means “of the house,” a reference to the long association between the sparrow and humans. The decline of the House Sparrow in the Netherlands is alarming, as is the decline of other common birds that share its habitat.

How can you make a difference? Read all about it and take the quiz. 😎

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  1. I didn't know yesterday was the House Sparrow Day around the world. Thank you for this information. In Istanbul, we have House Sparrows everywhere in the city but I don't think a serious research has been made to see whether this population is decreasing or not. Your photo is lovely. Have a beautiful and sunny Sunday 🙂


  2. I wish we could balance out the world population of sparrows. I like them as individuals as they are very cute and friendly, but we have so darn many of them here in the states, where they are an invasive pest. However, your post was a good reminder that invasive aliens are similar to weeds (a flower in the wrong place).


  3. I like these little birds as well, and you've taken a beautiful portrait of him. They are always happy birds, chipping and chirping, but around my house, they are multiplying like crazy. I wonder what is happening in Europe that they are starting to decline?


  4. Even though the House Sparrow is a non-native species problem in the US, I am sorry to hear that they are declining in Europe. It makes a strong case for an environmental problem and a biodiversity problem. Maybe we could gather up several thousand of the House Sparrows in the US and ship them back to Europe?


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