Nylsvley April 30, 2008

Nylsvley Nature Reserve is part of the Nyl Floodplain. This unique area is a RAMSAR site and is one of South Africa’s prime bird-watching spots. Bird list

When the Nyl River floods the reserve becomes a mini-Okavango swamp. Thousands of water birds including rare species breed in the flooded area. The reserve also provides safe breeding grounds for the endangered Roan Antelope and Tsessebe.

Many nature reserves and parks are under threat in South Africa. Mining company Coal of Africa Limited (CoAL), a company with Australian connections as well as local South African partners, wishes to develop a large scale coal mining project, situated virtually at the entrance to Mapungubwe National Park World Heritage Site.

Nylsvley Nature Reserve is the  latest conservation area to be targeted by a mining company, the state-owned company African Exploration. Any pollution from this mine will be washed downstream to pollute the reserve.

According to Brendan Ryan, Nylsvley is arguably the most important conservation asset in Limpopo Province outside of the Kruger National Park and it ranks on a par with the Mapungubwe National Park.

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