Birds on a wire


for more cool bird pix around the world.


  1. That’s a good variety of birds to see on wires. I always look at the electricity wires outside my house first thing in the morning to see what has perched up there. I guess if we cut down all the trees the birds have few other places to perch up high.


  2. It’s funny how in the birding world we have categories for bird photos like: birds on a stick, birds on a wire, and birds in flight. No matter where we see them, they are always fun to see!


  3. Nice birds on a wire Gwen! I always check the overhead wires for birds. I enjoy seeing an American Kestrel nearly everyday on the way to work. I hope to see a Bee-eater someday.

    BTW, what is that cool creature in your header? Some type of monkey I presume.


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