Warming up in Kruger – Mopani morning

I woke up early, made an espresso (I brought my little Bialetti) and drank it on the veranda of our bungalow. This is exactly how I would like to wake up every morning.

Mopani bungalow 89 view

We stayed at a perimeter bungalow (no 89). It has a great view of the bush and because the rubbish tip is located a few hundred meters away you get to see vultures and marabou storks throughout the day.

While I was sipping coffee and eating ouma rusks I saw 3 rock monitors, a couple of fire finches, butterflies and a pair of mourning doves. Here’s a pic of one of the rock monitors, the largest of the three.

Rock Monitor

If you look carefully you can see its forked tongue below. It uses its tongue to smell its way around.

Rock Monitor split tongue

Then Foeke woke up and we went for a drive.

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