Warming up in Kruger | Lazy day

I started the day with a stroll through camp. I was on a mission to make as much photographs as I could for my 100 Pictures in 2010 project. (Which I didn’t finish. 100 Pictures in 2011 isn’t going too well either :-S)

Anyway, this lovely path is a shortcut to reception. (86: Color: Green)


I thought this tree would be a nice one for no 39. A letter from the Alphabet in Nature.


There were Mopane worms everywhere. Does anyone know why it’s called worm and not caterpillar? (34. Feet or 56. Colorful?)


After my little stroll, we drove to Shingwedzi for breakfast. We stopped to watch the baboons first.

Baboons @ Shingwedzi


Enjoying the view


Bird bath near the restaurant


After breakfast we slowly drove towards Red Rocks

Kruger National Park




Saddle-billed Stork & Hamerkop

We saw another Yellow-billed Oxpecker on our way back

Yellow-billed Oxpecker

We had lunch at Shingwedzi (chicken salad – yum) and watched the resident Rock Monitor for a while. While we were sitting at the restaurant, we occasionally heard a car blow its horn on the low bridge. It’s quite unusual to hear people do that in a national park. Later we found out why. This Yellow-billed Stork was not letting anyone interfere with its lunch. It refused to step aside. 🙂


We spent the rest of the afternoon at Sirheni, watching our neighbour, Mr Croc.