Warming up in Kruger | Last day of the year

The next morning, the very last day of 2010, we got up before the crack of dawn. We were driving all the way to Skukuza to stay with friends.

We were waved off by a family of Ground Hornbills.


We stopped at Letaba for some breakfast and saw more Ground Hornbills in a tree


We didn’t stop often, but couldn’t resist these piggies


Or this vulture picnic near Satara



Marabou Stork joining the party


Around siesta time we spotted a couple of rhinos and a baby rhino resting in the shade


We stopped for a delicious cappuccino at Satara and had a bite to eat too.

Further south we admired this emerging tusker, who turned his back to us. 😐


We stopped to watch this Saddle-billed Stork for a while


We were happily driving further south when we suddenly bumped into a major traffic jam. Whoa: Lioness with cubs coming our way. Fast!

We quickly turned the car and managed to follow her for a minute, before she disappeared into high grass.



Wow. What a sighting.

We entangled ourselves from the other cars are headed back towards Skukuza.

We spotted a couple of eagles in a tree. I think they could be Brown Snake-eagles. Cause they’re eagles. And brown. (Big foto)


We finally arrived at Skukuza


where we flopped down in our host’s lovely garden and watched the piggies eat it


Of course, after the long drive, we never managed to stay up until 12.

The next morning we woke up early to the call of our first bird of the year