Warming up in Kruger | Pretoriuskop

After a wonderful New Year’s breakfast and lunch we left for Pretoriuskop.


On the way down we passed a Tawny Eagle


I’m sure we saw lots more, but I stopped keeping my KNP Holiday Diary (the cute one you can buy in the shops) on the 1st.

We arrived at beautiful old Pretoriuskop. The last time I stayed here was 40 something years ago.


We stayed in one of the little BG2 bungalows that don’t have a kitchen, so we rented a cutlery and plates hamper at Reception, which became an instant hit in our two-person household. The bungalows on the other side of the lawn (with outdoor kitchens)were especially popular with this kind of tourist:


Perhaps designing the food storage and waste area within easy reach of monkeys and baboons had something to do with that.


Anyway, we enjoyed the vervets antics.

The next morning we treated ourselves to breakfast at the Pretoriuskop restaurant. Yum. And went off for a short drive. We came across a HUGE mail lion, lying just beside the road.


The traffic was hectic though, one lady almost drove into the lion. After taking a few quick pix, we left the scene. Not our cup of tea.

We went back to check out and set off to Afsaal Picnic Spot, where we were meeting a whole bunch of people. We decided to take the Voortrekkers Road to Afsaal.


I soon regretted that choice. The wash board effect was quite rough, which meant a slow and bumpy ride. I needed to go to the toilet. There are no toilets along the Voortrekkers road.

When we finally reached Afsaal I sprinted to the WC and thanked all Water Spirits that there wasn’t a queue.

It was nice to see the Scops owl again. Even though he (she) was hiding away.


After our meet and greet lunch we were off to Skukuza where we would spend our last two nights in the park.


We spotted a Knob-billed duck ✓ at a waterhole. First time to see them in the wild. It was too far away for a photo though. Pity.

This beauty peeked out of the bush at us