Black rhino

Diceros bicornis

Hook-lipped Rhinoceros

The Black Rhino (Hook-lipped Rhinoceros) used to be the most numerous of the world’s rhino species. There are less than 5000 left in Africa today, which is 90% lower than three generations ago. So you can imagine how thrilled we were to spot one!

The Black Rhino faces a variety of threats. The main threat is poaching for the international rhino horn trade.

Black Rhino are browsers, feeding on twigs and shoots, other than White Rhino, that are grazers and feed on grass. Black Rhino are notorious for their bad temper. They have been known to charge cars, trucks and trains due to their very poor eye sight.

Their agression towards anything moving, resulted in a lifelong lasting Big Five membership. The Big Five were chosen for the difficulty in hunting and the degree of danger involved. More info about this hunting phrase on Wikipedia.

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