Apple pie

The herb garden bed is still waiting to be finished. I planted some thyme and oregano that I still had in pots from the old house. I’m not sure they will get through winter. But we haven’t had any frost yet, so who knows. Herb garden bed

Our new bird feeder needs to be repaired too. It crashed over during Friday’s storm (windforce 9) and bits of the roof came off.
Storm damage

Pity it’s not the best weather to work in the garden.
Today's weather


Hail storm
Hail storm


So, I stayed inside and made apple pie instead.
















What apple pie looks like on the Internet:

What apple pie looks like when I make it:

Ta da

Ta da



  1. I have never said, “Oh this apple pie looks terrible, I don't think I will try any.” EVER! Your little slice of Heaven on earth looks wonderful. The very best to you and F for 2015. Where in the world are you that there is no snow yet? I see an old milk container that is begging to be Toll painted in bright shades of white and baby blue.


  2. I'm sure it's very frustrating not being able to get outside and work at your new place, but the apple pie looks delicious.


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