Toasted tomatoes

Last week I sowed some tomato seeds in vermiculite. I put them on a windowsill in our livingroom and checked up on them every other day.

Yesterday I saw they had already emerged. Some weren’t looking too healthy. In fact, when I took them outside to transplant them, some were even burnt. That’s when I realised they might have been in the full sun for too long.

I took 6 of the best looking seedlings and put them in their own little pot. Yes, that’s a toilet roll. I hope they make it 🙂
They are Tumbling Tom tomatoes, a trailing variety. The seeds I got are a mix of red and yellow tomatoes.

In other garden news: We started work on the veranda and the pond. This is our neighbour Rob, destroying our grass. Rob is also going to dig our pond.

I took this photo from the garden doors. This is where the veranda and the pond will be.

We will be planting a wildflower meadow in the back towards the trees there. And we’re going to plant a beech hedge between properties, where the fence is on the left.

If the wildflower meadow hits off, we might turn part of the back garden (the biggest part of the garden) into a meadow too. At the moment it’s mostly grass.

Achtertuin zomer 2014// back-back garden a.k.a. the mini camping, Summer of 2014

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